Lonestar has been for more than 20 years a best-selling country rock group which has scored 20 country radio chart hits, including nine #1’s; the band has sold close to 10,000,000 albums world-wide and had three platinum-selling albums. Boasting two lead vocalists and splendid harmonies, their countrified rock sound and finely crafted, relentlessly hook-y songs are reminiscent of The Eagles.

Never Enders finds Lonestar in top form on a sparkling set of all-new songs in the mold of their biggest hits, showing that the Lonestar formula works as well as ever. There is the inspirational, upbeat anthem “Never Enders,” the nostalgic “My Town,” and the heart-tugging ro- mance of “I Know It Was You.” This album delivers the classic Lonestar sound their fans crave.