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Car 54 Where Are You?: The Complete Second Season

Released: April 10, 2012

Many critics and comedians believe that CAR 54 is one of the greatest comedy series ever to appear on television. Long out of circulation, this brilliant show can now be enjoyed by the legion of fans who have been clamoring for its release on DVD and new generations who will have a chance to view it for the first time. Last year’s release of season 1 was greeted with great excitement by both critics and fans and sold very strongly. The show was set in the Bronx’s 53rd
precinct, where the cops depicted are all great comedic characters, as are the residents of the neighborhood they patrol. The central figures of the show are the Mutt & Jeff squad car team of Toody and Muldoon, played by Joe E. Ross and Fred Gwynne.

CAR 54 Where are You?’s creator Nat Hiken was already famous for his highly acclaimed Sgt. Bilko Show, and he drew on his 25 years of writing experience for top comedy programs on radio and television (Fred Allen, Milton Berle, Martha Raye) to produce a hilarious show rich with New York humor, polished scripts and offbeat characters. The second season’s episodes feature guest appearances by TV and Broadway personalities of the day including Sugar Ray Robinson, Molly Picon, Larry Storch, Mitch Miller, Shari Lewis and many more.


Car 54 Where Are You? - The Complete 2nd Season - DVD