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Paul Byrom

Album: This Is The Moment

Genre: Irish Celtic
Released: November 08, 2011
Catalog #: SHA-53020

As a key member of Celtic Thunder, vocalist Paul Byrom has been a part of one of the great musical success stories of the past decade.  Since 2008 Celtic Thunder has sold more than 500,000 albums in the United States, hitting #1 on the Billboard World Music chart, starring in numerous PBS television specials and touring major halls across the country and worldwide.  Paul Byrom is a stunning classically-trained singer considered to be Ireland’s premier young tenor and a favorite of Celtic Thunder fans.  This Is The Moment is a beautiful and moving album thatranges far beyond the realm of Irish music. There is the stunning pop ballad title track as well as a powerhouse version of Bette Midler’s hit “From A Distance,” an intimate reading of The Beatles’ “All My Loving,” and of course such Irish rooted-material as “My Land” and “Scorn Not His Simplicity.”


Paul Byrom - This Is The Moment - CD

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