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Album: Moving On

Genre: R&B Pop Gospel
Released: April 17, 2012
Catalog #: SHA-5798

K’Jon has been one of the brightest new Urban artists to break through in the past five years, scoring a monster hit with “On The Ocean,” which rode the Billboard Hot R&B & Hip/Hop charts for a record-setting 75 weeks.  On the heels of that smash came the much anticipated national debut release I Get Around, which quickly established K’Jon as an R&B force staying at the #1 spot on the R&B album chart for six weeks. With the soulful vocal sound of Anthony Hamilton, the songwriting chops of Bill Withers and competitive production skills, K’Jon delivers a unique R&B singer/songwriter sound with the lyrical substance that’s been missing from the scene.  K’Jon's new album, Moving On, is even stronger than his impressive debut, an album that touches all of the bases that K’Jon's style encompasses: R&B, Hip-Hop, “Steppers” club music, and Pop.


K'Jon Moving On CD

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