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Phil Coulter

Album: Heartland/The Composer's Salute To Celtic Thunder

Genre: Irish Celtic
Released: September 27, 2011
Catalog #: SHA-53019

Phil Coulter’s imaginative renditions of favorite melodies and his beautiful original compositions have captivated legions of fans for decades. Recently Phil has served as director and composer for the super group Celtic Thunder, who have had tremendous success starring in their PBS specials and sold-out tours.  Phil wrote many songs for each Celtic Thunder TV show and their CDs, as well as helping set the course for their great musical accomplishments.  On Heartland, Phil celebrates and salutes Celtic Thunder with his full orchestral arrangements of songs he’s written for them as well as new similar material. His beautiful piano playing partners with the orchestra and several traditional Irish instruments.  Great melodies, lush orchestrations, and stylish, no holds barred production make here for a wonderful listening experience.


Phil Coulter

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