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Pieces Of A Dream

Album: Just Funkin' Around

Genre: Jazz
Released: May 26, 2017
Catalog #: SHA-5450

The great Grover Washington, Jr. discovered, nurtured and produced Pieces Of A Dream while they were teenage phenoms still in high school. Since then they have toured the world, sold over one million albums, and scored both Smooth Jazz and R&B radio hits while garnering legions of dedicated fans!  Just Funkin’ Around is a funky, joyful musical celebration, filled with melodic grooves that have made Pieces Of A Dream fan favorites. The 10 brilliant originals that run the gamut from ‘in the pocket’ R&B to sensuous Smooth Jazz jams show Pieces Of A Dream are at the top of their game!  Lead producer and founding member James Lloyd, who has been a go-to hit maker and accompanist for such artists as Mary J. Blige, BB King, Najee, Wayman Tisdale and others, shines here with such highlights as the funky “Right Back Atcha'” and the romantic ballad “Sensuosity.” Additionally, co-founder Curtis Harmon’s composition, the hard grooving “Shaken, Not Stirred,” demonstrates why the ”Pieces” sound is a unique crowd pleaser!


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