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Mahalia Jackson

Album: Moving On Up A Little Higher

Genre: R&B Pop Gospel
Released: September 30, 2016
Catalog #: SHA-6066

Forty-five years after her death, Mahalia Jackson remains the world’s most famous gospel singer. Moving On Up A Little Higher explores Mahalia’s roots, as she performs hymns of her childhood and reunites with her mentor, Thomas A. Dorsey. These performances date from 1946 to 1957, when Mahalia’s voice was at its golden best. Highlights include the only known recording of Mahalia, accompanied by Thomas A. Dorsey, two live versions of her first and greatest hit, "Move On Up A Little Higher” and two of her most important concerts: a 1951 symposium that introduced her to a larger, interracial public and the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival concert.


Mahalia Jackson

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