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Lee DeWyze

Album: Oil & Water

Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk Singer-Songwriter, Pop / Rock
Released: February 12, 2016
Catalog #: SHA-5830

Accomplished singer/songwriter Lee DeWyze's gifts have been steadily gracing the music scene for more than a decade.  His creation “Blackbird Song” was featured in an episode of the wildly popular television series The Walking Dead, and Lee tours regularly to a legion of dedicated fans.  Oil & Water, Lee DeWyze’s fifth solo effort and highly anticipated label debut for Shanachie provides his signature resonant, soulful and at times raspy tenor combined with his prodigious guitar playing.  The end result serves to underscore themes of the heart as ten songs unravel into compelling poetic prose and striking arrangements...a must have for Lee’s die-hard fans and a new audience waiting to discover him.



Lee DeWyze -

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