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Hey Marseilles

Album: Hey Marseilles

Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: February 05, 2016
Catalog #: SHA-8101

Breaking out of the fertile Seattle music scene, where they have been one of the most popular bands, Hey Marseilles has won critical acclaim with their distinctive “chamber pop” sound. National taste-maker radio station KEXP has presented Hey Marseilles as part of their influential live in-studio performance broadcasts.  Hey Marseilles’ new album is produced by hit-making producer Anthony Kilhoffer (John Legend, Rihanna, Adam Lambert), who fell in love with Hey Marseilles and enabled the band to realize their most polished, most commercial recording to date. The band’s outstanding songwriting is in full evidence on the initial “buzz track” “West Coast,” the hooky single “Eyes On You” and charmingly quirky “Perfect OK.”  All in all the production preserves the band’s unique, multi-instrument textures even as the arrangements are streamlined for maximum accessibility.

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Hey Marseilles - Album Art

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