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Album: More Than Love

Genre: R&B Pop Gospel
Released: April 28, 2015
Catalog #: SHA-5823

ConFunkShun is one of the great self-contained funk bands; since their 1976 breakthrough they have scored 18 Top 40 R&B hits, with 8 Top 10 smashes including such classics as “Ffun,” “Chase Me” and “Electric Lady;” lead vocalist Michael Cooper went on to a suc- cessful solo career with several Top 10 hits of his own; the band has re-united with Cooper and original second lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Felton Pilate leading the way, wowing concert-goers across the country.  More Than Love culminates the re-emergence of ConFunkShun with a beguiling 13-song set that captures that band at the peak of their powers. Produced by the same team behind Charlie Wilson’s recent albums, More Than Love retains the classic ConFunkShun sound but with tastefully contemporary production.


ConFunkShun - More Than Love - Album Cover

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