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Kindred The Family Soul

Album: A Couple Friends

Genre: R&B Pop Gospel
Released: June 10, 2014
Catalog #: SHA-5821

Hit-making R&B duo Kindred The Family Soul has sold over half a million units of their four studio releases while scoring such hits as “Far Away,” “Rhythm Of Life,” “Magic Happen” and more. Their unique brand of down-to-earth soul-singing about love and relationships has won them a fiercely loyal and passionate fan-base which eagerly embraces whatever they release. After their last socially-conscious concept-driven project, Kindred The Family Soul returns on A Couple Friends to the formula that led to their breakthrough - soulful, melodic, straightforward songs about romance and the ups and downs of love. Highlights include “Call Me Crazy,” “Never Loved You More,” “Everybody’s Hustling” and the moving title track which features the legendary Valerie Simpson guesting on piano.


Kindred The Family Soul - A Couple Friends - Album Cover

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