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The Floacist

Album: Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid

Genre: R&B Pop Gospel
Released: March 18, 2014
Catalog #: SHA-5818

The multi-Grammy nominated break-through group Floetry, founded by Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius, established the “gold standard” for creativity in neo-soul. Selling over a million albums and establishing a loyal following which follows their every move, both The Floacist and Marsha Ambrosius have gone on to successful solo careers. With the release of Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid, The Floacist achieves new heights. Co-produced with the brilliant Chris “Big Dog” Davis (who has produced such greats as George Clinton, Kim Burrell, Will Downing, Maysa, Najee and many others), the vision that The Floacist conceived for Floetry has now been fully realized! The joyously romantic “Feel Good” will be the subject of the first video and single. Other highlights include the hip-hop inflected “Doin It,” the ultra-sensuous “Try Something New (I Do),” the African influenced “Omi O!,” and “Grandma,” The Floacist’s reggae inspired tribute to her Jamaican grandmother and much more!


The Floacist - Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid - CD Image

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