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Paul Byrom

Album: Thinking Of Home

Genre: Irish Celtic
Released: February 18, 2014
Catalog #: SHA-53021

Paul Byrom’s debut solo album hit #1 on the Billboard World Music Charts as he launched his solo career in earnest following his high profile stint as one of the stars of Celtic Thunder.  Thanks to massive PBS exposure and widespread touring, Celtic Thunder sold over 500,000 albums in the US.  Paul’s magnificent voice, infectious charm and striking good looks give him all the ingredients for success as a solo star.  Recorded in Ireland, Thinking Of Home finds Paul giving a classic tenor’s interpretation of some of the greatest and best-loved Irish songs of all time including “Danny Boy,” “The Town I Loved So Well,” “Dear Old Dublin” and others. The results are irresistible to any lover of Irish song and singing.


Paul Byrom - Thinking Of Home - CD Cover

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