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David Lanz

Album: Movements Of The Heart

Genre: Jazz
Released: October 08, 2013
Catalog #: SHA-5412

Platinum selling New Age instrumental legend David Lanz has been delighting his millions of fans for more than 20 years. His classic, “Christofori’s Dream,” was #1 on the Billboard New Age chart for an amazing 27 weeks in a row! His music is infused with a passion and tranquility much sought after in today’s tumultuous world.  Movements Of The Heart finds the piano master at the pinnacle of his artistry, producing an exquisite solo piano creation that fulfills the mind, body and soul. The song titles alone tell the story, with such pearls as “Rain- light,” “Movements Of The Heart” and “I See You In The Stars,” painting a landscape that is irresistible.  The best way to explain the magic of David Lanz is to read the words of the artist himself: “Music wields the power to captivate and transport us to a place that is unlike any other earthly or imaginary realm. The act of making music is surely one of painting with sound. The soul, I believe, is expressed in these acts.”


David Lanz - Movements Of The Heart - CD Image

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