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The Last Year

Album: The Last Year

Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: August 13, 2013
Catalog #: SHA-5812

The Last Year’s lead vocalist, Niki Barr, is a rising young rock artist who has built a passionate fanbase through relentless touring in thirty-three countries on four continents, high profile radio-station events and placement of her music in commercials. The Last Year is her new six-track EP with long-time collaborator Scott Ensign, which takes her music in an exciting new Alt-Rock/New Wave direction with her strongest songs to date.  Niki Barr’s “Sex Fiend” was featured in the video “Dirty Laundry” by clothier Andrew Christian and in a recent Spring Fashion Show by Kohls. She also was one of the performers featured on the Universal/Pantene compilation “Women With A Voice.” Her song “Wasted Time,” co-written with noted producer Butch Walker, hit #1 on UK alternative radio charts.


The Last Year - EP Cover

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