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The Last Year

Album: Sugar (SINGLE)

Genre: Alternative Rock
Catalog #: SHA-2715

As one of the industry’s most respected female-fronted bands, The Last Year has built its reputation on its innate ability to blend alternative rock and new wave. Led by singer/songwriter Niki Barr, who embodies an edgy yet magnetic stage presence, and Scott Ensign (guitar, bass, synth, percussion, programming), the duo is rounded out by touring musicians BJ Kerwin (drums, percussion), who performed on the new EP, and guitarist Scott Griffith (from the Perfects) to create an electrifying energy while pouring its heart into every performance.

Resistant to conformity, this Baltimore-based band isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of music (or themselves) and continually challenges its fans to embark on a veritable rollercoaster ride of sorts from their airy atmospheric ambience and powerful souring melodies to their heavy guitars and pounding sub synth sounds.  Always striving to reach the next level, whether it’s through their songwriting or on stage, The Last Year has finally accomplished this by signing a deal with the prestigious Shanachie Entertainment (home to such artists as Rusted Root, Leela James, Crystal Bowersox, and the Flobots).
With the support of the acclaimed label, The Last Year is scheduled to release its new EP on August 13, 2013, featuring five brand new songs, including the single “Sugar.” Describing the new release as “limitless” with “everything from buzz saw synth to airy atmospheric ambience to 80s drum sequence loops”, the group says that their latest songs come from the dark place Barr is almost known for and showcase the band's perfect blend of natural and synthetic sounds.  The band believes the EP will resonate with fans more than ever before.

“Each song is very unique in style and texture and I hope people sit with the music and just let it take them on a journey,” said Barr of the new songs.
“A journey” seems to be the mantra for The Last Year. Officially formed in 2012 after years of writing and performing together, the group has spent the past few decades embarking on several world tours with the Armed Forces Entertainment. In fact, the band has performed in 34 countries, spanning three continents, bringing their music to nearly every corner of the world.
Now, with the release of their new EP, and a label to back them, it seems that The Last Year’s real journey has just begun - A journey that Barr and Ensign are fully prepared for.


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