Shanachie + Traditional Folk

Shanachie invites you to journey back to the roots of folk music in Ireland, with luminaries like Seamus Egan, Tony McMahon, and others as your guides. Let these masterful musicians transport you to another time and place with their mournful, hauntingly beautiful melodies and clear voices.

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Catalog #
Available On
  • SHA-34008
    Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds
    Fiddle Duets
  • SHA-34011
    Andy McGann & Paul Brady
    It's A Hard Road To Travel
  • SHA-34009
    Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn
    Traditional Music of Ireland
  • SHA-34014
    James Kelly & Paddy O'Brien
    Traditional Music of Ireland
  • SHA-34016
    Joe Burke, Andy McGann & Felix Dolan
    Masters Of Irish Music: The Funny Reel / Traditional Music Of Ireland
  • SHA-34010
    Kathleen Collins
    Traditional Music of Ireland
  • SHA-5445
    Lindsey Webster
    Back To Your Heart
  • SHA-34013
    Liz Carroll
    A Friend Indeed
  • SHA-34012
    Liz Carroll & Tommy Maguire
    Kiss Me Kate
  • SHA-34003
    Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon
    In Knocknagree
  • SHA-34017
    Paddy Carty & Mick O'Connor
    Plays Reels & Jigs In The Galway Manor
  • SHA-34015
    Seamus Egan
    Traditional Music of Ireland
  • SHA-34007
    Tommy Peoples
    High Part of the Road
  • SHA-34006
    Tony MacMahon
    Traditional Irish Accordion