Shanachie + Celtic / Irish

Originally founded as an Irish music label by Richard Nevins and Dan Collins, Shanachie is built on a foundation of Irish and Celtic influence. Although the label has since expanded to encompass a rich and eclectic group of genres, Irish Music will always be an important undercurrent of Shanachie’s identity. From traditional and obscure to modern easy listening, Shanachie has something to offer every Irish Music fan. The Chieftains, Wolfetones, Solas, Phil Coulter and most recently Paul Byrom of Celtic Thunder have all called the label home. With a deep catalog that consists of some of the greatest Celtic music ever recorded, Shanachie remains cemented as an important piece of the genre’s history.

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Catalog #
Available On
  • SHA-79095
    Many Happy Returns
  • SHA-79061
    Boys Of The Lough
    To Welcome Paddy Home
  • SHA-79067
    Boys Of The Lough
    Farewell and Remember Me
  • SHA-78008
    Cathie Ryan
    Cathie Ryan
  • SHA-78024
    Cathie Ryan
    The Music of What Happened
  • SHA-78047
    Cathie Ryan
    Somewhere Along The Road
  • SHA-78062
    Cathie Ryan
    The Farthest Wave
  • SHA-52038
    Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
  • SHA-79007
    Clannad 2
  • SHA-79008
  • SHA-79030
    In Concert
  • SHA-78059
    Up In The Air
  • SHA-78030
    Think Before You Think
  • SHA-78061
    When All Is Said And Done
  • SHA-78057
    The Road Less Traveled
  • SHA-78049
    All Things Considered
  • SHA-78005
    De Danaan
    Hibernian Rhapsody
  • SHA-79047
    De Danaan
    The Best of De Danann
  • SHA-79018
    De Danann
    The Star Spangled Molly
  • SHA-78027
    Dolores Kean & Joh Faulkner
    Sail Og Rua
  • SHA-78012
    Joe & Antoinette McKenna
    The Best Of
  • SHA-78043
    Joe McKenna
    The Irish Low Whistle
    John Carty
    Yeh, That's All It Is
  • SHA-79098
    John Carty
    Last Night's Fun
  • SHA-78045
    John Doyle
    Evening Comes Early
  • SHA-78018
    John Renbourn
    Traveler's Prayer
  • SHA-78065
    John Renbourn
    Palermo Snow
  • SHA-79004
    John Renbourn Group
    A Maid in Bedlam
  • SHA-79055
    Airs and Graces
  • SHA-78007
    Karan Casey
  • SHA-78044
    Karan Casey
    The Winds Begin To Sing
  • SHA-78053
    Karan Casey
    Distant Shore
  • SHA-52005
    Liam Clancy
    The Dutchman
  • SHA-79040
    Maddy Prior & June Tabor
    Silly Sisters
  • SHA-79069
    Maddy Prior & June Tabor
    No More To the Dance
  • SHA-52001
    Makem & Clancy
    The Makem & Clancy Collection
  • SHA-79006
    Mary Bergin
    Feadoga Stain
  • SHA-79064
    Matt Molloy
    Heathery Breeze
  • SHA-79090
    Nic Jones
    Penguin Eggs
  • SHA-78036
    Padraigin Ni Uallachain
    An Irish Lullaby
  • SHA-53020
    Paul Byrom
    This Is The Moment
  • SHA-53021
    Paul Byrom
    Thinking Of Home
  • SHA-79078
    Early Classics
  • SHA-53019
    Phil Coulter
    Heartland/The Composer's Salute To Celtic Thunder
  • SHA-53107
    Phil Coulter
    Country Serenity
  • SHA-53002
    Phil Coulter
  • SHA-53003
    Phil Coulter
    Classic Tranquility
  • SHA-53004
    Phil Coulter
    Sea of Tranquility
  • SHA-53005
    Phil Coulter
    Phil Coulter's Christmas
  • SHA-53006
    Phil Coulter
    Forgotten Dreams
  • SHA-53007
    Phil Coulter
    Peace and Tranquility
  • SHA-53008
    Phil Coulter
    Words and Music
  • SHA-53009
    Phil Coulter
    Scottish Tranquility
  • SHA-53010
    Phil Coulter
    A Touch of Tranquility
  • SHA-53011
    Phil Coulter
  • SHA-53012
    Phil Coulter
    American Tranquility
  • SHA-53013
    Phil Coulter
    Celtic Horizons
  • SHA-53014
    Phil Coulter
    The Live Experience
  • SHA-53016
    Phil Coulter
    The Songs I Love So Well
  • SHA-53018
    Phil Coulter
    Timeless Tranquility
  • SHA-53022
    Phil Coulter
    Echoes Of Home: The Most Glorious Celtic Melodies
  • SHA-79009
  • SHA-79010
    The Well Below the Valley
  • SHA-79011
    Cold Blow and the Rainy Night
  • SHA-79012
    The Planxty Collection
  • SHA-79035
    Words & Music
  • SHA-79097
    Seamus Egan
    When Juniper Sleeps
  • SHA-79015
    Silly Wizard
    Caledonia's Hardy Sons
  • SHA-79016
    Silly Wizard
    So Many Partings
  • SHA-79028
    Silly Wizard
    Wild and Beautiful
  • SHA-79037
    Silly Wizard
    Kiss the Tears Away
  • SHA-79048
    Silly Wizard
    The Best of Silly Wizard
  • SHA-78002
  • SHA-78023
    Words That Remain
  • SHA-78041
    The Hour Before Dawn
  • SHA-78056
    The Edge Of Silence
  • SHA-78056
    Another Day
  • SHA-78060
    Waiting For An Echo
  • SHA-78010
    Sunny Spells And Scattered Showers
  • SHA-79062
    Stewart, Cunningham & Lunny
    Fire in the Glen
  • SHA-79088
    The Watersons
    For Pence and Spicey Ale
  • SHA-52002
    Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
    Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
  • SHA-52003
    Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
    In Concert
  • SHA-52004
    Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
    Two for the Early Dew
  • SHA-52006
    Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
    Live at The National Concert Hall
  • SHA-52013
    Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
    We've Come A Long Way
  • SHA-79044
    Tommy Peoples
    Iron Man
  • SHA-78011
    Various Artists
    Holding Up Half The Sky / Voices of Celtic Women
  • SHA-78025
    Various Artists
    Thousands Are Sailing / Songs of the Irish Emigration
  • SHA-78032
    Various Artists
    Holding Up Half The Sky / Voices of Celtic Women, Volume 2
  • SHA-78064
    Various Artists
    Masters Of The Irish Guitar
  • SHA-52024
    Wolfe Tones
    25th Anniversary
  • SHA-52028
    Wolfe Tones
    Spirit of the Nation
  • SHA-52029
    Wolfe Tones
    Live Alive Oh!
  • SHA-52030
    Wolfe Tones
    Rifles of the I.R.A.
  • SHA-52031
    Wolfe Tones
    Let the People Sing
  • SHA-52033
    Wolfe Tones
    Irish to the Core