Shanachie + Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Are you a fan of singer-songwriters and the earnest, raw, uncompromisingly genuine approach they bring to music? Then Shanachie’s contribution to the genre is sure to delight you, with a collection of gems from artists like John Stewart, Sue Foley, Richard Shindell and others. This is folk at it’s finest.
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Catalog #
Available On
  • SHA-8030
    Chava Alberstein
    Crazy Flower / A Collection
  • SHA-8007
    Dolores Keane
    Solid Ground
  • SHA-8015
    John Stewart
    Airdream Believer / A Retrospective
  • SHA-78063
    Karan Casey
    Chasing The Sun
  • SHA-5830
    Lee DeWyze
    Oil & Water
  • SHA-8002
    Richard Shindell
    Sparrow's Point
  • SHA-8014
    Richard Shindell
    Blue Divide
  • SHA-8027
    Richard Shindell
    Reunion Hill
  • SHA-8040
    Sally Fingerett
    A Woman's Gotta Do Her Thing
  • SHA-79039
    Steeleye Span
    Below the Salt
  • SHA-79045
    Steeleye Span
    Parcel of Rogues
  • SHA-79049
    Steeleye Span
    Ten Man Mop
  • SHA-79052
    Steeleye Span
    Hark! The Village Wait
  • SHA-79059
    Steeleye Span
    All Around My Hat
  • SHA-79060
    Steeleye Span
    Now We Are Six
  • SHA-79075
    Steeleye Span
    Please To See the King
  • SHA-79080
    Steeleye Span
    Tonight's the Night - Live!
  • SHA-79099
    Steeleye Span
  • SHA-8031
    Sue Foley
    10 Days in November
  • SHA-8036
    Sue Foley
    Love Comin' Down
  • SHA-8038
    Sue Foley
    Where The Action Is
  • SHA-8018
    The Four Bitchin' Babes
    Fax It! Charge It! Don't Ask Me What's For Dinner