Shanachie + Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar music, in a variety of styles, is a hidden treasure within Shanachie’s vast catalog. Having released gorgeous, unique albums from some of the world’s finest acoustic guitarists, such as John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, and Duck Baker, Shanachie has a wealth of inspiring material to offer guitarists and guitar enthusiasts alike.

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Catalog #
Available On
  • SHA-99004
    Bert Jansch
    The Best Of Bert Jansch
  • SHA-7255
    Bert Jansch & John Renbourn
    After the Dance
  • SHA-98005
    Duck Baker
    Art of Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar
  • SHA-97006
    John Fahey
    God, Time and Causality
  • SHA-97009
    John Renbourn
    The Black Balloon
  • SHA-97014
    John Renbourn
    The Hermit
  • SHA-97021
    John Renbourn
    Sir John A Lot
  • SHA-97022
    John Renbourn
    Lady and the Unicorn
  • SHA-97028
    John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman
    Keeper of the Vine / The Best Of John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman
  • SHA-97008
    Martin Simpson
    Leaves of Life
  • SHA-97016
    Martin Simpson
    When I Was On Horseback
  • SHA-99007
    Michael Bloomfield
    BLOOMFIELD, MICHAEL - Blues, Gospel & Ragtime Guitar
  • SHA-97024
    Reverend Gary Davis
    Blues & Ragtime
  • SHA-97001
    Stefan Grossman
    Love, Devils and the Blues
  • SHA-97013
    Stefan Grossman
    Yazoo Basin Boogie
  • SHA-97027
    Stefan Grossman
    Shake That Thing - Fingerpicking Country Blues Guitar
  • SHA-98001
    Stefan Grossman
    How To Play Blues Guitar
  • SHA-98011
    Stefan Grossman
    Black Melodies on a Clear Afternoon
  • SHA-97023
    Various Artists
    Music Of O'Carolan
  • SHA-98003
    Various Artists
    Flatpicking Guitar Festival - Doc Watson, Dan Crary, David Bromberg, & Others
  • SHA-98013
    Various Artists
    Fingerpicking Guitar Delights / Duck Baker, Ton van Bergeyk, & Others